pepsi, diet pepsi, dr. pepper, mist twist, root beer, ice tea

hot green tea

mango iced tea

strawberry lemonade

ramune:  carbonated japanese kids drink

side dishes

miso soup (+2 add clam)

white rice

brown rice

sushi rice

steam veggie

fresh wasabi

any sauce


house salad

sunomono salad (+add salmon skin, tako, shrimp, or crab)

seaweed salad (+add salmon skin, tako, shrimp, or crab)

sashimi poke*



garlic edamame

sweet & spicy edamame

baked green mussels

agedashi tofu

gyoza 8pcs (deep-fried or steamed)

chicken skewer 3pcs

shrimp shumai 10pcs

tempura mix

vegetable tempura

shrimp tempura 3pcs

fried calamari

jalapeno bomb


mochi ice cream 2pcs (green tea, vanilla, mango or strawberry)

house tempura ice cream (green tea or vanilla)

sesame ball 6pcs

*These menu items are served raw, under cooked or cooked to your specification. Consuming raw or under cooked food may increase your risk of food-borne illness.